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  • For watering small or large surfaces or gardens
  • For watering large kitchen gardens
  • For watering cultivated plants (small beds, single plants, pot plants)
  • For watering ornamental plants (small beds, single plants, pot plants)
  • For cleaning garden machines and garden furniture
  • 6 Months Local Supplier Warranty more
  • Dual bay: Two charging bays: One for 10.8/12 volt and another one 14.4/18 volt
  •  Additional USB charger integrated: Fast-charges your smartphone or tablet with 2.1 A charging current
  •  Fast charger: Charges one battery after the other (sequential) with 3 A charging current
  •  Size (L x W x H) 195 x 125 x 82 mm




    One inner removable tray
    Suitable for multi-purpose usage
    Ideal for: Handyman, carpenters, fisherman, mechanic etc.
    Value for money
    Colour: Red, Blue, Green and Yellow (Will be given randomly)
    Size: (15”) 380 x 200 x 120 mm


  • Dimension in(mm): 145mm x 145mm x 25mm
  • Cut Out Size in(mm): 135mm
  • Factory Wholesale Price
  • Contractor and Bulk Order are welcome
  • High quality and easy to fix
  • Easy for installation
  • Pure White(Daylight) 6500k
  • Brightness 720LM
  • Warrentty 1 Year
  • Energy Saving Over 80%
  • H/Duty Tubular Steel Frame Nickel-plated Will Not Tarnish or Rust Provides Handy Holding Compartment For Extra Blades
  • Easy Adjustment Of Frame For 12"(300mm) Blades.
  • Blade Can Be Faced In Four Directions
  • For most home DIY work
  • Great for both home and professional use.
  • Value for money
  • Simple mechanism provides reliable function
  • Long, lasting and durable


  • Comfortable
  • Clear anti-fog lens
  • Anti Splash
  • Durable and practical
  • Top sales item
  • Reasonable price
  • 2-flute U-shape
  • Standard lifetime/ Good dust removal
  • 2-cutter
  • Standard carbide
  • Comfortable sanding in any work position

  • Compact, ergonomic design with large softgrip surfaces for variable grip positions and outstanding comfort

  • Speed preselection for material-specific working

  • Random orbit motion plus rotation ensure the finest finish with high sanding performance

  • Bosch Microfilter System: perfect, efficient dust extraction

  • Sanding pad brake prevents damage (e.g. scoring) on workpiece

  • Velcro-type fastening for rapid, convenient sanding sheet changes 

  • 5 years warranty for leaking
  • Quality tap for kitchen.
  • water saving proven.
  • 2 slot toaster with lid
  • Brushed stainless steel and black elegant exterior
  • 7 adjustable browning levels
  • Defrost & reheat function
  • Toast lift system for easy removal of small sized bread
  • Stop button for immediate terminating of toasting process
  • Rate Power Input (W) : 850 watt
  • Rate speed (r/min) : 13000 rpm
  • Max Milling Cutter Diameter (mm) : 100 mm
  • Rated Power Input(W) 620
  • No-Load Strokes (.../Min) 1300
  • Max Cutting Capacity 11500
  • Mild Steel(Mm) 3.2
  • Stainless (Mm) 2.5
  • Min Cutting Radius
  • Inner Dia (Mm) 120
  • Outer Dia.(Mm) 128
  • Hardened, tempered high-carbon chrome steel assures excellent edge retention
  • Can be honed to a razor-sharp edge
  • Ground to a flat surface for easy sharpening
  • Comes with accurate ground edge of 25 °; finishing with an additional honed angle of 30 ° is recommended
  • Ball bearings and bevel gears provide smooth and cool operation
  • Coupling system allows you to rotate the attachment on your tool
  • Quick connect system easily attaches to your rotary tool in place of the housing cap, with no tools required
  • Compact, durable design for long-lasting, versatile use
  • Prevents marring and is non-marking
  • Load rating 180 lbs.


  • Overall diameter: 6'' (15 cm)
  • Diameter of centered hole: 5mm
  • Colour: White
  • Number of Ply: 50
  • Material: Cloth
  • Hardness: Soft
  • Suitable use to polish and clean the surface of metal, glass and so on.
  • Easy mounting on external walls
  • Can be easily stored 
  • Practical and space-saving with store-room for spray guns and nozzles
  • Reasonable price
  • Durable and practical
  • Best Material
  • Top Sales Item
  • 100% Brand New
  • Convenient to carry
  • Big Demand
  • Cuts up to 22 gauge cold-rolled steel or 26 gauge stainless-steel
  • Durable fully-polished steel blades are forged to stay sharp for long cutting life
  • Laser Etched Blade Marking scale helps to make quick precise cuts
  • Large handle rings are double dipped grips for comfort

General Features:

SKU [email protected]@10574


Power Tool Accessory Type Cutting
Tool compatible with Surfaces:


Warranty type



No Warranty

max: 14500 r/min   80M/S


  • Universal dispenser for different jobs.
  • Easy and reliable product.
  • Suitable for a wide range of materials.
  • The electromagnetic actuator piston provides increased reliability in comparison with the electic motor.
  • Flow adjustment allows the use of materials of variety viscosity (ink on different basis,varnishes and etc)and perform a variety of works (painting,coating and spraying).
  • The storage container is 700ml in volume allows long run on a single filling and does not load the opeator's hands overweight.
  • Easy disassembly of the spray mechanisme for cleaning  after use.
  • Glass for checking viscosity complete.
  • Type: 125mm Caster Wheel
  • Model: 1 pcs Swivel
  • Loading capacity : (100kg each)
  • Feature: Medium Duty
  • Wheel Width: 3.2cm
  • Wheel Diameter: 12.5cm
  • Fixing Plate Size: 9.4cm x 6.3cm
  • Overall Height: 15.50cm
  • Mounting Hole: 1.0cm x 0.7cm
  • Weight per pcs (Swivel) : 840g