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6 Months Local (Malaysia) Manufacturer Warranty


  • Max. pressure 6-10 mpa
  • Motor capacity 1500 W
  • Max. operating pressure12 l/min
  • Max. inlet temperature 40 °C
  • Cable length 2 M
  • Hose length 8.2m (high pressure  16mpa/160bar)
  • Weight (with accessories) 12 kg
  • Brand :YINMA
  • Heavy gauge extra thiness steel sheet base with rubber foam tile cushioning, measuring scale with adjustable stop and replaceable Tungsten Carbide cutting wheel.
  • with laser line scale
  • Cut and break ceramic tiles with ease - just place tile on the cushioned base, draw the cutting wheel across the tile to cut it and apply pressure with the breaker foot.
  • Heavy Duty
  • Super Fine Cutting
  • Durablebearing and single solid bar Rail
  • Contractor Choice 
  • 3 Months Local  Warranty
  • * Oil-free & silent type  * Portable and lightweight.
  • * Low maintenance * Ideal solutions for medical, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical applications.